I am currently a theoretical physics PhD student at Jesus College, Cambridge, working under the supervision of Dr. Gunnar Möller in the Theory of Condensed Matter group, Cavendish Laboratory. My research is on topology in condensed matter physics and specifically, the stability of fractional Chern insulators in the Harper-Hofstadter model. Current work is motivated by recent advancements in the field and is supported by the EPSRC.

Previously, I was a graduate student at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, in Cambridge, studying for the Master of Advanced Studies degree in Mathematics (formally known as ‘Part III of the Mathematical Tripos’). My course specialisations were predominantly in high energy particle theory and were complemented with an independent project on Skyrmions, supervised by Prof. Nicholas Manton.

Prior to this, I studied Physics at Imperial College London, with a year abroad at Heidelberg University. Whilst abroad, I completed my Master’s thesis on rotating superfluid condensates, under the supervision of Prof. Thomas Gasenzer, in the Far-From-Equilibrium Quantum Dynamics group, Institute for Theoretical Physics. The thesis investigates the aspect ratio evolution of rotating ellipsoidal condensates during free expansion.

During my first year, I worked at Imperial College for the Space and Atmospheric Physics group on CINEMA (tracking no. 90033), a new CubeSat nanosatellite design that was being developed. My project, supervised by Mr. Patrick Brown, involved interfacing the microprocessor to the analogue-digital converter and calibrating the magnetometer. The satellite launched successfully in September 2012 from Vandenberg Air Base.

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