M.Sci. Physics

Recommended a research position to
work on an international satellite.
Awarded the UROP Scholarship to
support my research and the Eliahou
Dangoor Scholarship for academic
excellence and financial need.


M.Sci. Physics (year abroad)

Completed my Master's thesis on
superfluid turbulence and quantum
vortices in the Institute for Theoretical
Physics - supported by the ERASMUS
Scholarship. Awarded the CEFR level C1
(advanced) qualification in German.


M.Sci. Physics

Graduated from the Physics M.Sci. with
strong and consistent first-class honours
and course specialisations in theoretical
physics. Provided formal tuition to
A-level students through UK Tutors Ltd.
throughout the academic year.


M.A.St. Applied Mathematics

Graduated from Part III of the
Mathematical Tripos with distinction in
the independent project on Skyrmions.
Course specialisations in theoretical
physics; specifically particle physics,
quantum fields, and strings.


Ph.D. Theoretical Physics

Recommended a research position to
work in the Theory of Condensed Matter
group, Cavendish Laboratory. Awarded
a full EPSRC Scholarship to support
my research into quantum field theory
techniques in condensed matter.

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